Projects in Progress

  1. "GasON" 2015-2018
  2. "The first Polish system for testing the fast-varying parameters of drives of modern vehicles" 2015-2018
  3. "Developing an innovative battery-capacitor energy storage device for vehicles with alternative propulsion systems" 2015-2018, more information here.
  4. "Developing an innovative aftertreatment system for particulate emission reduction for off-road vehicles using flow turbulization and nanometric catalytic materials" 2015-2017
  5. "New Generation of Common Rail Pumps" 2015-2017, more information here.
  6. "The First Polish MEGA Class Bus with Multi-Axle Electric Motor Powered by Low-Emission Gas" 2012-2015, more information here.
  7. "The First Polish Test Bed with Dynamic Brake for Combustion Engines" 2012-2015
  8. "Development of Selection and Configuration Tools and Control Strategies for Conventional and Hybrid Drives Selected Means of Transport with Particular Emphasis on Alternative Energy Sources" 2012-2015
  9. "CI Engines Injector Tester using Forced Vibration Processes of Fuel Injection" 2012-2015