Researchers Night

On September 25th, 2015. Poznan University of Technology hosted another edition of the Researchers Night. The event aims to bring together researchers and the public, to create an opportunity to meet, get to know each other, and initiation of joint activities. One of the sites involved in the project was the Combustion Engines Laboratory (Combustion Engines Laboratory - CEL).



As a part of the Researchers Night presentations and workshops for children, teenagers and adults were prepared. The scientific exhibitions presented included such issues as: alternative power sources, including hybrid drives and vehicles powered by water, engine dynamometer workbenches to carry out engine testing under steady, transient, and dynamic conditions, testing of injection systems, tests using a chassis dynamometer, and many others. The possibility of using the infrared camera as an apparatus designed to perform non-destructive testing was also presented in the lab. Researchers Night participants also had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with innovative measuring apparatus, permitting the measurement of emissions in real operating conditions of the vehicle.


The Researchers Night also prepared a position dedicated to the field of aviation engines, allowing the participants to gain knowledge of their construction and how they work. A presentation using a jet engine was shown to have huge popularity, regardless of the age groups of the participants. Visitors also had the opportunity to test their driving skills using an advanced simulator with a faithful recreation of the real life urban and extra-urban traffic. The youngest participants of the Researchers Night were able to participate in numerous workshops and competitions, including the use of physical phenomena in practical situations, among many others.