PSSCE Congress

On 22-24 June 2015 Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines in cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn organized VI International Congress on Combustion Engines. Congress was a very good forum for the exchange of experiences between experts representing science, research and industry. We observe that more and more often in scientific works are involved interdisciplinary teams, requiring cooperation in various areas of science and industry.

The Congress covered a wide range of topics in research fields such as design, manufacture, operation and ecological effects of combustion engines in the opinion of specialists from all over the world. The Congress also covered varied applications of combustion engines, including aviation and marine engines. It was great meeting, with expert engineers and researchers sharing their new ideas, inventions, and experience.

The main themes of the Congress:

  • Fuel injection systems and mixture formation
  • Combustion processes in SI and CI engines
  • Combustion process control in engines
  • Engine thermal loading and utilization of heat released
  • Alternative fuels
  • Emission measurements and aftertreatment
  • Alternative sources of power
  • Engine accessories and equipment
  • Engine testing, durability, reliability and diagnostics
  • Modelling and optimization of engine processes
  • Global trends in engine technology

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