Projects Completed

  1. "Research on The Influence of Traffic Conditions on Emissions with the Use of Traffic and Emissions Model in real conditions" 2011-2013
  2. "Test and Control Systems of ecological characteristics in non-road vehicles in the view of their operation conditions" 2011-2013
  3. "Experimental Research on a Light-Duty Railway Vehicle on the basis of Operation Transmission Function" 2011-2013
  4. "Advancing Railway Vehicle Brake System" 2011
  5. "Tram Noise Emissions " 2011
  6. "Fraction Models of Integrated Risk Managment Method in Road Transportation" 2011
  7. "The Influence of Cylinder Numbers on Engine Operation in constant S/D relation" 2011
  8. "Reasearch on Emissions by City Buses with various powertrain configurations" 2011
  9. "A quick Estimation Method of Aircraft Aeroresilient Characteristics during Flatter Trials" 2009-2012
  10. POWERFUL "POWERtrain for Future Light-duty vehicles " 2010-2014
  11. "Analisys of Powertrains by various manufacturers with regard to City Buses" 2011
  12. "Analysis and Corelation Research on car exhaust emissions" 2010
  13. "Ambient and Internal Noise Assessment and Modeling for City Means of Transportation" 2010-2013
  14. "The Influence of Cylinder Laser Treatment on SI Engine Operation and Emissions" 2010-2012
  15. "Numerical Analysis of 3D Objects Geometry in the view of 3-dimensional Antropometric and Biometric Data Registration" 2010-2012
  16. "The First Electric Bus in Poland produced by Solaris" 2010-2012
  17. "Innovation Evaluation - VALEO - Turbocharging Cooling Air Accumulation in Engines with Inlet Collector and EGR Assembly" 2010
  18. "Energy Consumption Downsizing of Selected Systems in City Buses and Trolley-buses" 2010-2011
  19. "Spatial Sound Analysis in Selected Buses SOLARIS URBINO 18 operated by MPK Poznan" 2010
  20. "A Statement on Competence to Produce New Underground Cars for Warsaw by SKODA-TRANSPORTATION a.s. in Pilzno, the Czech Republic" 2010
  21. "Engine Exhaust Emissions Teasts in non-road vehicles" 2010-2012
  22. "Comparative Analysis of Gaseous Exhaust Components in Real Operation Condidtions of Buses with SI engine and with Hybrid Powertrain traveling along Typical Bus Routes" 2010
  23. "Identifying Combustion Processes in Engines with Direct Injection with the Use of Thermodynamic and Optic Methods" 2010-2012
  24. "Emissions from Aircrafts Propelled by Piston Engines in Real Operation Condidtions with the Use of Portable Measuring Systems" 2010-2012
  25. "Comparative Research on Fuel Consumption and Emissions by Bus SOLARIS URBINO 18 with the same Engine and Gear Box ZF Eco Life and Voith operated by MPK since 2009" 2010
  26. "Grid Generating Algorithm of Finite Constituents for Biomechanic Calculations in a Paralel Environment" 2010-2011
  27. "Road Transportation Systems Desing, Research and Operation" 2010-2011
  28. "Reasearch on Combustion in a Model Engine Cylinder" 2010-2011
  29. "Reasearch on Unprocessed Bio-Fuels Used in SI Engines" 2010-2011
  30. "The Influence of Piston-Cylinder Assembly Design on Lubrication oil Consumption" 2010-2011
  31. "The Influence of S/D Parameter on Friction Loss during Downsizing" 2010
  32. IR-Sensor/2009-2 "JR Sensor of Exhaust Recirculation Degree in CI Engine" 2009-2010
  33. "Tramway Carrige with 2-step Spring for 1000mm Rail with Direct or Alternative Current" 2009-2011
  34. "Low-emission, Economic City Bus with Serial Hybrid Powertrain" 2009-2011
  35. "Mass Emissions, PM Distribution and Exhaust Smokeness from Means of Transportation in Real Traffic Conditions" 2009-2011
  36. "Comparative Analysis of City Bus Alternators in the view of Other Types and the Causes of Radiator Fan Failure" 2009
  37. "Ecological Characteristics Improvement of SI Engines in ROSOMAK Transporter in Real Road Tests" 2009-2011
  38. "Exhaust Emissions from Tractors in Real Road Tests" 2009
  39. "Reduction of Torque instability Caused by the Combustion Engine in Hybrid Systems" 2009-2011
  40. "Energy Consumption by Trolley-Bus T12 during a test in accordance with Road Cycles Sort1, Sort2, Sort3" 2009
  41. "The Influence of Bio-Fuel Spray and Combustion on Exhaust and Carbon Dioxide Emissions by SI Engines" 2009
  42. "Emissions Assessment in Real Road Conditions with the Use of Portable Measuring Systems" 2009-2010
  43. "Research on Multi-phase Catalytic Reactors in Testbed" 2009
  44. "Visualization of Flame Front Formation" 2009
  45. "Unprocessed Bio-Fuels Applicability to Power SI Engine" 2009
  46. "Fuel Consumption and Emissions Analysis in Buses in accordance with Test Sort1" 2008
  47. "Additives to Diesel Oil in order to Lower SI Engine Emissions" 2008-2010
  48. "Engineering Era" Poznan University of Technology Development. 2008 -2012