Professor Krzysztof WISŁOCKI D.Sc., Eng.

tel.: +48 61-665-22-40
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Krzysztof Wisłocki, a professor appointed at Poznan University of Technology. He has worked at PUT since 1979. Prof. Wisłocki's field of expertise includes: combustion engines turbocharging, direct injection in CI engines, endoscopic research on combustion, homogenic charge of fuel in SI engines, and many others. For years prof. Wisłocki has collaborated with Vehicle Design Institute in Wolsburg, Germany and Volkswagen A.G. Konzernforschung. Professor Wisłocki has carried out numerous research as well as published over 60 scientific papers, monographies and articles. He actively coordinates Polish-German student exchanges. Moreover, prof. Wisłocki is a founder of the Polish Combustion Institute, a member of the Polish Society of Mechanic Engineers, and the Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines. Professor Wisłocki has participated in many conferences, symposia and scientific meetings. So far, prof. Wisłocki has promoted a Doctor of Science at PUT. Currently, he been supervizing two doctor students at PUT.


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